York County Libertarian Party

Highlight: City of York Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance

This Post is not for Foodies

Most people in the city – and beyond – just want to know if York city council has amended its mobile food vendor ordinance to allow more vendors and food trucks. No. It’s a work in progress.

That being said; this post is not for foodies. At least not for the doting, obsequious hipster types content with allowing local government to define and confine the street food scene to a series of niche special events each year.

It’s About Freedom, Not Foodies

Each and every individual has the right to earn a living, plain and simple.

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York City Mayor: Humanitarian Award Winner Must Pay City Fee for Permission to Feed the Needy

Mayor C. Kim Bracey Forces Permit Fees On Charity Event

“The safest way to make laws respected is to make them respectable.” • Bastiat

For the second time in as many years, the City of York stands as a barrier between a charitable organization and the people it works to serve.

York mayor Kim Bracey has ordered 2011 City of York Humanitarian Award recipient Bobby Brunner to pay a $35 permit fee (along with all other applicable fees) in order to be able to pass out food and donated items to the needy during a planned Sept. 6th giveaway.

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York's Protectionist Vending Rules Threaten Small Business Owner's Livelihood

Bureaucratic Process Causes Uncertainty, “Gut-wrenching Fear” for Entrepreneur

Meet Darren Borodin, owner of DKMI Best Hot Dogs.

Some of you may know the mild-mannered, soft-spoken hot dog vendor that has tended to the appetites of city-slickers, county residents and workers for the past three and a half years. In the very near future, Mr. Borodin’s business may no longer be in operation.

Due to the City of York’s arbitrary and unnecessarily complicated street vendor licensing schemes, DKMI Best Hot Dogs does not know its future. Through no fault of his own, and by no action or condition of the marketplace, Mr. Borodin’s business venture may come to an abrupt end – by the simple stroke of a bureaucrat’s pen.

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Camera Presence Causes Stir at Mobile Food Vendor Committee Session

Solicitor to provide opinion on right to record proceedings

The trend to stifle discussion concerning the City of York’s protectionist mobile food vendor regulations continues. Sonia Huntzsinger, Downtown Inc. Director and mobile food vendor committee chairperson mulled suspending tonight’s committee session in response to Public Works Director Jim Gross’ objection to my video camera.

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York City School District Failing Under Pressure

The Struggle to Be Heard

There’s been a lot of coverage concerning the mishandling of public comment at York City School Board meetings. I’ve been there, I know the feeling; it doesn’t feel good to be shut down on technicalities and the board’s mechanical adherence to stifling public comment policies.

But, it was different for me. Maybe it was because the York LP has already proven we’re staunch defenders of the first amendment and don’t shy away from public struggle, or maybe they were just in a good mood. When I brought forth my beef with the school district’s public comment policy at a town hall meeting just a short six months ago, I was personally invited back to a meeting to air my concerns before the board by YCSD Supt. Dr. Holmes, himself.

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